【Enjoy with children at Naha!】Experience making Hi-Chew and Bakauke at "HAPINAHA"!
>>【Enjoy with children at Naha!】Experience making Hi-Chew and Bakauke at "HAPINAHA"!


Service Guide

HAPiNAHA provides you with various services and facilities for you to enjoy your visit.

service guide




  floor map 1F

■Happy Sweets Street <open> 10:00am-10:00pm
Lots of HAPINAHA specialty sweets and famous confections of Okinawa! The confectionery zone full of fun experience such as making your own sweets.

①Morinaga’s fun twisted soft served ice cream shop ②Morinaga’s fun sweet shop ③Happy Baby Star★ OKINAWA
④Café HAPINAHA ⑤Bakauke Circus ⑥Souvenir confections zone ⑦Shuri Shunju ⑧Tsukiji Gindaco 

■⑨Pokémon Store Okinawa

■Happy Gourmet Marché <open> 10:00am-10:00pm
Food souvenir zone featuring a collection of “deliciousness” from all around Okinawa such as the Remote Island Marché with a collection of rare items and the Awamori Marché with the most abundant range of variety in the area.

⑩Fruits section ⑪Remote Island Marché ⑫Awamori Marché ⑬Chuko Awamori My Blend
⑭Okinawa’s specialty section ⑮Okinawa’s daily foods section



■Happy Kirakira! Paradise <open> 10:00am-10:00pm
The one and only miscellaneous  souvenir goods zone in Okinawa featuring a collection of “cute, fun, fine” goods of Japan such as anime cosmetics, stationery, Japanese trinket and “Yoshimoto goods”.

①Anime cosmetics section ②Stationery & gift goods section ③Yoshimoto goods section
④Tax-free service counter ⑤Nursing room

⑥The masses cooking Ebisu(Lunch11:30~15:30/LO 15:00, Dinner・17:30~23:00/LO 21:30,drink 22:00)


floor map 3F

■Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu
All-star cast of popular Yoshimoto comedians  mainly performing in “Okinawa Shinkigeki” and ”Okinawa Pocket Musicals”.

<open>*Please check how long the show runs.
189 seats (standing space for 31 people/ accommodates max. of 220 people)


floor map 4F

■Okinawa Fun Spooky House <open> 11:00am-9:55pm (last call)
It can’t be just scary, it has to be fun! World’s one and only original entertainment featuring a “fun spooky house”.

*Please purchase current tickets at the ticket counter on the 3rd floor. Entrance is on the 3rd floor.



1) Morinaga’s fun twisted soft served ice cream shop

Morinaga’s fun twisted soft served ice cream shop

Soft served ice cream decorated with snacks such as Morinaga Chocolate Balls and Koeda along with fresh fruits. HAPINAHA’s original parfait with a cute appearance is very popular! Freshly squeezed fruit juice is served at the juice bar!

2) Morinaga’s fun sweet shop 

Morinaga’s fun sweet shop

The one and only in the world! You can make your own original Hi-Chew. Your pictures such as the souvenir photo taken with Kyoro-chan in the store and other memorable photos of your Okinawa trip will be printed on the package! Also, your name will be printed on the package as the manufacturer! In addition, there is a full array of goods such as HAPINAHA’s limited original goods, local specialties from all over Japan, and original goods of Morinaga’s mascot character Kyoro-chan!

Small children are welcome to participate. *3 years old and above. HAPINAHA’s specialties such as the Giant! Morinaga Chocolate Balls and mango flavored choux pastry rusk

 3) Happy Baby Star★ OKINAWA

Happy Baby Star★ OKINAWA

Baby Star Ramen very popular in Japan collaborated with Okinawan ingredients.  Enjoy HAPINAHA’s original menu!  The distinctive taste and texture is truly an addictive deliciousness.  HAPINAHA’s limited Baby Star Brown Sugar Sponge Cake is also popular.

Okinawa’s typical ingredients such as simmered pork and brown sugar combined with Baby Star Ramen. HAPINAHA’s exclusive brown sugar sponge cake



Offers a specialty coffee menu made with “Nescafé Milan”, Nescafé’s leading coffee maker.  Enjoy the rich flavor and authentic taste.  Also offers limited versions of “KitKat”, a globally popular product of Nestle, such as green tea flavor as well as purple yam flavor unique to Okinawa.

Kit Kat “Green tea flavor for adults”. Okinawa and south Kyushu’s specialty Kit Kat “Purple yam flavor” 

 5) Bakauke Circus

Bakauke Circus

A specialty shop of Bakauke, a very popular snack in Japan.  The “Illustration Rice Cracker Section”, where you can freely draw a portrait of your family or a favorite character, is very popular.  Enjoy making your original, one and only rice cracker in the world.  Also offers limited flavors of Bakauke only available at HAPINAHA such as Soki soba and pineapple!

Freely design your own rice cracker at the “Illustration Rice Cracker Section”! Limited flavors of Bakauke only available at HAPINAHA, Soki soba and pineapple

 6) Souvenir confections zone

Souvenir confections zone

Offers a large collection of attractive confections of Okinawa including limited sweets that used to be available only on the remote islands such as Ishigaki Island as well as HAPINAHA’s original sweets.  Choose your favorite sweets from a selection of over 70 kinds that are sold by measure.

 7) Shuri Shunju

Shuri Shunju

Offers safe and delicious Japanese sweets featuring seasonal ingredients.  HAPINAHA offers many original rice dumplings made using the ingredients of Okinawa.  Order to go and enjoy rice dumplings and green tea on the outdoor bench. 

 8) Tsukiji Gindaco

Tsukiji Gindaco

The shop which represents the red tile roof of Okinawa is full of fun unique to HAPINAHA.  The standard octopus dumpling of Gindaco, “crispy on the outside and soft in the inside”, is exquisite.  Also, the savory croissant fish-shaped pancake, baked by wrapping homemade bean jam in special dough, features an attractive crisp texture.  Please try it. 

9)Pokémon Store Okinawa

Pokémon Store Okinawa

© 2015 Pokémon. © 1995-2015 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc. ポケットモンスター・ポケモン・Pokémon are registered trademarks of Nintendo, Creatures Inc. and Game Freak Inc.

The first appearance of the globally popular Pokémon‘s official store in Okinawa! Various Pikachu goods welcome you! The “Vacation Pikachu” with a tropical look wearing the Kariyushi, Okinawa’s traditional costume, is a limited version only available at HAPINAHA! Can you figure which Pokémon’s silhouette is hidden in the Kariyushi Pikachu is wearing…?
HAPINAHA is the only place in the world where you can find the Vacation Pikachu!

10)Fruits section

Fruits section

Fruits such as pineapples and mangos carefully selected from production areas including Okinawa where the most delicious ones are currently found.  Also offers processed products such as dried fruits and fruit compotes, all of which are well-selected focusing on the ingredients and manufacturing method.

11)Remote Island Marché

Remote Island Marché

Offers a collection of well-selected products from the islands of Okinawa such as bonito and tuna boiled down in soy sauce, pickles and seasonings, focusing on manufacturing method that is safe/secure and integrated with nature.  *Products are mainly from Ishigaki Island, Miyako Island, Kume Island, Ie Island, Kuro Island, Iriomote Island, Daito Island, Aguni Island, Tonaki Island, Minami Daito Island, Kita Daito Island, Yonaguni Island

12)Awamori Marché

Awamori Marché

A full array of approximately 700 kinds of Awamori made in Okinawa including the remote islands.  Proudly offers the number one range of variety in the area of approximately 800 kinds of local liquor including Awamori based liquor such as plum wine.  Also offers small sized bottles convenient to travel with or to take home as souvenir.

13)Chuko Awamori My Blend

Chuko Awamori My Blend

The first “Awamori Blending Shop” in Japan where you can make your own original Awamori by blending five choices of unprocessed Awamori of Chuko Awamori Distillery Co., Ltd. not commercially available.  Enjoy the deep world of Awamori and the beauty of blending in a totally new style for adults.

14)Okinawa’s specialty section

Okinawa’s specialty section

Offers a collection of high quality products that are not only delicious but also safe and secure focusing on organic, chemical-free, additive-free, handmade, Okinawa produced ingredients. 

15)Okinawa’s daily foods section

Okinawa’s daily foods section

Offers a large collection of numerous specialty ingredients of Okinawa that are frequently used in daily life and are loved by a wide range of people. Please try the comfort food of Okinawa for home use as well as for gifts.


1)Anime cosmetics section

Anime cosmetics section


Offers a huge collection of anime related products such as anime cosmetics of “Sailor Moon” and “The Rose of Versailles” as well as character goods of globally popular anime such as “Hello Kitty” and “One Piece”.  A section to put on makeup is established as an annex of the anime cosmetics section.  How about searching for a makeup technique that perfectly suits you or trying out “a slightly new look”?

2)Stationery & gift goods section

Stationery & gift goods section

Gift goods section offers a various selections of miscellaneous goods such as fine design stationery, gilt goods, Japanese trinket and Okinawa-style design goods.

3)Yoshimoto goods section

Yoshimoto goods section

Section featuring fun miscellaneous goods and confectionery that represent the Yoshimoto comedians. Also offers a variety of HAPINAHA’s specialty goods of the “Okinawa Fun Spooky House” which you cannot find anywhere else in the world. HAPINAHA’s exclusive goods of the Okinawa Fun Spooky House.


Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu

Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu

【Performance on Sat, Sun and holidays】 Okinawa Shinkigeki “Okinawa Shinkigeki”

offers exclusive contents shown nowhere else! A completely original new comedy of the 55-year-old Yoshimoto New Comedy Troupe with Gori of the comedy duo Garage Sale as the leader, combined with the history, culture and custom of Okinawa. With a hope to bring excitement to Okinawa and to create a new specialty in Okinawa, the Garage Sale performs on a weekly basis.

・3 performances per day (75 min. per performance)
・Advance ticket 2,500 yen (tax inclusive) At door 3,000 yen (tax inclusive)

【Weekday performance】 Okinawa Pocket Musicals

Okinawa Pocket Musicals, the genes of Yoshimoto! A variety show of comedy combined with Okinawan performing art. Offers contents unique to Okinawa based on comedy full of the traditional essence of Yoshimoto, which the audience can also have fun together.

・3 performances per day (70 min. per performance)
・Advance ticket 2,000 yen (tax inclusive) At door 2,500 yen (tax inclusive)

<Time of performance>

Please confirm on the website, by phone or at the entrance counter. 189 seats (standing space for 31 people/ accommodates max. of 220 people)

<Ticket Yoshimoto reservation telephone number>

0570-550-100 (automated voice response/10:00am-7:00pm/open every day)

All-star cast of popular Yoshimoto comedians mainly performing in “Okinawa Shinkigeki” and ”Okinawa Pocket Musicals” 365 days an year.


Okinawa Fun Spooky House

Okinawa Fun Spooky House

This is a one-of-a-kind spooky house featuring an experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. All roles are played by comedians! A totally new, experience type spooky house where you can experience fear, surprise, strain, laugh and thrill all at once.

Start in a group of a maximum of 8 people, guided by the “Majimun”. By cooperating as a team, clear the traps, collect the “Ishigantou”, and head for the goal. There are many traps that are related to Yoshimoto.

From the entrance on the 4th floor, go up to the 6th floor by elevator

【6F】The scary sales floor of the department Survive the various traps set up on the scary sales floor of the department
【5F】 Go up against the Majimun! Work as a team to defeat the Majimuns!
【4F】The final stage & ending The final challenge! Then comes the emotional ending…

<open> 11:00am-9:55pm (last call)
<Target age> Elementary student and above
<Required time> 35 min
<Capacity>Max of 8 people per group
<Ticket>Adult 1,200 yen (tax inclusive) Student 1,000 yen (tax inclusive) Elementary student 700 yen (tax inclusive)

*Student ticket is for middle school, high school and vocational school students *Please purchase current tickets at the ticket counter on the 3rd floor.


Access Map

Access Map

(By monorail)For customers taking the Yui rail

3- minute walk from the Makishi Sation
Please visit the Yui rail website for monorail services details.

(By bus) For customers taking the bus

1-minute walk from the Tenbusu-mae stop
2-mnute walk from the Makishi bus stop
Please visit the Route Finder Okinawa website for details about bus services.


Tax Refund Information

Tax Refund Information



HAPiNAHAOEPN 10:00~22:00
Restaurants located on the 2F 17:00~23:00
We will be open daily this month
TEL 098-862-5111 2-2-30 Makishi, Naha City Okinawa 900-0013


  • 10:00~22:00
  • 今月は休まず営業します
  • 098-862-5111
  • 〒900-0013 沖縄県那覇市牧志2-2-30