Summer vacation of HAPiNAHA is fun thing full! Hapinaha that during the festival held.

If the summer vacation is enjoyed to the full, it will be a coming to HAPiNAHA!



HAPiNAHA is hot in the children to enjoy the "Hapinaha Festival" current competitions now!!

July 23, September 4 from (Saturday) to (day) titled "Hapinaha Festival", also popular Pokemon one color from children to adults!!.

In the second floor and the popular Pokemon exciting Oekaki challenge to children (Free Join), eyeing! Baibanira and Pikachu dice safari held in mini attraction of (each 300 yen once).
You will also challenge targeting the premium of a guide!


Monorail Naha Airport station or Makishi Station, When you collect the stamp to Pokemon store stamp Challenge 2016 stamp sheet around the eight spots such as pallet Kumoji, GO to HAPiNAHA! ! !
If four stamps are collected, the lottery wheel lot which original goods are in charge of can be challenged. Not for sale of Pikachu sun visor (made of paper) is very popular! Children makeover cute Pikachu!!


And the photograph which was [ eight stamps ] altogether complete, then carried out commemoration photography at the goal is put into the Pokemon PP photograph frame, and is given.
I would like to leave this very much to the recollections of the summer vacation!!

13 Pokemon characters are hidden by the inside of a hall of the first floor to the third floor. Please all look for 13 animals.


Pokemon, the 5th animal

Would Where is Piplup spread rumors and a little difficult to find?


Papa and a mama also need to search together together with children! Who can discover first [ of No. 1 ]? I will fight. It is extreme popularity also as a photography spot! I will take a photograph together with the character of 13 animals.


Pokemon movie poster exhibition

Before the Pokemon store of the first floor, the Pokemon movie poster exhibition (participating no charge) is also under holding. Under much [ otherwise ] event holding! HP is also checked by all means.


In HAPiNAHA fun event is lots of summer vacation limited, Let make ter sore a fun summer memories to family together!


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